Video and Social Media

If you’re a business owner marketing your product or service via the Internet then you might already know two things: video and social networking tools are two increasingly popular types of media to use. According to recent research, using these types of media together will increase your return on investment by driving traffic to your website and increasing your websites’ conversion rate. With the average website conversion rate at only 2%, there’s lots of room for improvement. Using video and social media to market online is fast becoming a marketing staple for savvy professionals who understand that the Internet is now the #1 “go-to” place for those in need of a service or product. Better online marketing techniques equal more business or revenue.

Recent reports from the research firm The Nielsen Company offer some compelling statistics to support integrating online video and social media for a more robust web marketing strategy. For example, Nielson reports that 72 percent of Internet users viewed videos online in 2009, amounting to about 144 million people.

“To marketers, this presents a huge – and largely untapped – audience to reach,” according to a Nielsen report.

Of course, viewing videos has never been easier now that most homes are connected to broadband or other types of high-speed Internet. And, the access to online videos is now easier in part to social networking sites.

Also according to Nielsen’s research, time spent viewing the video on social networking sites increased 98 percent from Oct. 2008 to Oct. 2009.

Facebook, the most preferred social networking site to view online videos, saw 217.8 million total video streams viewed during Oct. 2009. The site also had a tremendous growth from 34.9 million minutes that consumers spent viewing videos on Facebook in Oct. 2008 to 677 million minutes in Oct. 2009, according to the Nielsen report.

“During the past year, online video viewing has become central to the Web experience,” said Jon Gibs, vice president of media analytics for Nielsen. “In conjunction with this increase, we are seeing remarkable growth in video viewing on social networking sites, and it is only natural that these two trends would converge in consumers’ minds, making sites like Facebook and increasingly important distribution points for both consumer and professionally generated video.”

Gibs’ thoughts are in line with what many marketers are already thinking. According to a survey by the Association of National Advertisers, 66 percent of marketing professionals used social media last year, compared to 20 percent in 2007. Following the trend, 50 percent of marketers used viral videos to showcase products and businesses, up from just 25 percent in 2007.

The surveys present various numbers and percentages, but each of those figures is a testimony to the rising trend in online video and social media – a trend on which savvy marketers and business professionals are capitalizing.

YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube is the major video sharing site nowadays, with the most visitors plus the largest quantity of users makes YouTube the distinct place to have your own videos posted and marketed on.

Reaching the homepage on YouTube will give your video the best volume of publicity. Nonetheless, it’s not necessary for hitting the homepage to obtain your million views. This can be stretched out depending on the way you’re working to make it to the homepage.

1) Keeping it fresh. There must be freshness key to your videos since it is difficult to get video honors and action in the search algorithm if the video is outdated. It’s safer to take out that video and re-submit it if you’re looking to make honors in a given field and to have a chance to hit the homepage with more ease.

2) Keeping it real. This should be regarded when uploading a video for your profile authority. It is important to have more initial exposure plus more opinions. Using a power profile can help you greatly.

3) Power of views, ratings, favorites, and comments. YouTube has honors for every kind of action that may be used on a video. It may be honors for remarks, favorites, ratings, and views.

Your YouTube videos are the bait you cast out so that your prospects can find you. Hording online video content on your site via your player works well for various purposes. But it is never going to be able to draw even a fraction of the targeted prospects you may introduce yourself and your products or services on YouTube.

There are a variety of tools YouTube has created for marketing your video. Here are a few techniques that will guarantee your success with your video marketing campaign.

1) Share option: You can share through an email address or with friends you have linked to your account. The greater friends you have the greater people you can send to. Also, you can influence social networking sites once you begin to share also.

2) Bulletin boards: By publishing a message this video can be exhibited to all your friends on your profile.

3) Invite to subscribe: This attribute will come in your account when you request a friend invite.

4) Add friends: Including friends can be a strong approach to obtain publicity on YouTube.

5) Sharing videos with email: Send out videos to your friends and family with a link to the video and motivate them to share it.

6) Social media: You may make use of Digg and other social sites like Facebook and MySpace to drive traffic to videos.

Video For Social Media Marketing

Are You a Professional or Business Owner?

Are you using social media marketing for your small business to reach your local customers?

To get your message out in your town or around the world, it all starts with your website and blog.

More people today are turning to the internet and social networking sites for information from family, friends, and colleagues, to find out where the best deals are online and locally.

Are You Blogging?

If not you should be, video blogs are going to be the next big rage, have you seen the way Google+ hangouts now lets you chat with multiple people at once?

This has to be one of the greatest ways to promote a business, especially a local business.

If you combine good quality content and add a video you can begin to gain greater recognition in your profession while getting more sales leads or customers into your store.

Would You Like to Broadcast Live About Your Service?

Well, now you can, instead of trying to tell someone how good your service or business is now you can show them.

You may be thinking that’s great, but I do not know the first thing about creating a live broadcast or creating a video blog, I can’t write the script or create the content,

Do I Need to do Any of This?

No problem, you don’t have to, there are many social media copywriters offering affordable options for you when you want to get started, from a simple blog post and video posting to producing your live broadcast, complete with all the promotion needed to gain an audience.

Creating your social media marketing content for your blog or website can be done on a contracted basis.

This will get you out of the copywriting and production business allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

This will keep you in front of your followers and since it is planned out will lower your cost for your projects.

As you start to build content you will gain site traffic and begin to work on converting those visitors into sales.

With additional social media marketing services for your small business, you can keep in touch with customers and with new informative content you give them a reason to come back over and over again.

Each Blog and video post needs to be providing information on one specific service or product available from your business.

Gone are the high-pressure, heavily biased sales pitches from pushy salespeople, you need to pull people in with good quality informative articles, blog posts, and videos.

With proper research, you can pinpoint what people are searching for in your type of business.

Answer their questions and help guide them to your solution for their problem.